Discover our Christmas classics

Christmas is a time of tradition, personal encounters and commemorative feasts. Careful, functional and attractive table decoration is a decisive differentiating factor. To this end, our cloth napkins and placemats are the perfect solution to achieve that exquisite ambience that helps you to enjoy every family meal to the fullest. Do you prefer to stick […]

Christmas cotton napkins for an elegant table

The festive Christmas season is approaching and Christmas decorations will soon make an appearance on many tables. Those who enjoy this time of the year seek to create a magical and special atmosphere long before Christmas Eve. But to achieve the ideal table, it is important to invest in functionality and design. We show you […]

Environmental policy: our commitment to the environment

At TEXIA we are firmly committed to developing an environmental policy that respects the planet. We extend this aim to the different brands under which we market textile products for the hospitality sector through MY DRAP, as well as ROLLDRAP and DAY DRAP. We invite you to take a detailed look at the keys to […]

Ho ho ho! Christmas Collections

Christmas is coming and, with it, the chance to share unforgettable moments with our loved ones. It is the season of details, such as cloth napkins, emotional toasts and renewed hugs. These celebrations are at their best when we share them with our loved ones and create a unique atmosphere around us. At MY DRAP, […]

Preparing your home for the winter cold?

Winter is coming and we have to prepare our homes for its arrival… Blankets, duvets, optimal heating… Do you want to get your home ready for the new season? Here are some top tips to help you with the task. How to prepare the house for winter If you don’t want the cold weather to […]

The best cotton napkins for Halloween

Cotton napkins are an ideal accessory for everyday use, thanks to properties that make them durable and washable, and are great for special occasions. For special days of the year, we often decide to put away the usual table linen and take out our best MY DRAP cotton napkins. Halloween is a holiday that has […]

How to prepare the perfect table?

Cotton napkins and other textile elements can have a great effect on the table decoration. For many, setting the table for a meal or snack at home is simply functional, requiring no preparation or care. However, at MY DRAP we believe in the possibility of creating spaces tailored to people and in the potential of […]

servilletas de tela para cada espacio de la casa
Cotton napkins for every room in the house

Cotton napkins are not only used on the dining table, there is also a place for them in other areas of the house. If you want practical cotton napkins with a modern design and, above all, ones that are perfect for making every situation a unique moment, discover MY DRAP cotton napkins. Cotton napkins for […]

Animal Print cotton napkins
Cotton napkins for non-conformists like you

Do you want to amaze your guests at a lunch or dinner that you have prepared at home? Do you like decorations and fancy giving your table a different look when you get together with your family or friends? In this post we would like to introduce some of our most striking, fun and natural […]

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